Baby Shower Trends

There have been some really amazing trends in Baby Showers over the last several years. In our humble opinion, there is nothing quite like celebrating a beautiful mother-to-be and her child. We know a lot of people who are expecting, so we thought this would be the perfect time to share some of these trends with you!

1) Baby Sprinkle- This is one that has been growing in popularity over the last 4-5 years. A Sprinkle is a type of shower for women expecting a child other than their first. It used to be that an expectant Mother only got a shower for her first child as it was considered “tacky” to have more than one shower.  A Sprinkle is different from a traditional shower as guests typically bring diapers and wipes and a small gift card or children’s book, instead of the traditionally larger gifts found at a regular shower. Sprinkles also tend to have much larger guest lists that include both men and women and usually other children. Some people also choose to make the soon-to-be big brother/sister(s) the focus of the event by having a special cake and gift for them.  A Sprinkle is a great way to celebrate the birth of another miracle, because after all, there is nothing more precious than a child!


Photo from: Occasions Online

2) Gender Reveal Party– This is another one you are probably familiar with, as many people are choosing to find out the gender of their child(ren) and sharing the news with everyone. There are many fantastic ways to reveal the Gender to your family and friends at the party, such as; cutting a cake to reveal pink or blue, releasing balloons from a box that are pink or blue, having confetti drop that is pink or blue, or having the soon-to-be Grandparents open cards with a letter on each one (B-O-Y-! or G-I-R-L) to name a few. One we personally love is this “It’s Time” Gender Reveal Party. Clocks are the centerpiece of this theme and  it incorporates neutral and aqua tones with some sparkle! Our favorite part is the mock cuckoo clock they made. They pre-recorded a cuckoo clock noise that was set on alarm to go off at a specific time during the party. A friend was the only one to know the gender and they clipped a piece of paper to the clock revealing the answer. When the clock sounded, their son ran over to read the gender to everyone. We think it’s a sweet way to incorporate the big-brother-to-be and a beautiful theme.

Its time

Photo from: Project Nursery

3) Grandma Shower– This one is much newer in baby shower trends, but we are seeing an increasing number of people interested in hosting one. The first Grandchild is a very exciting moment in most Grandparents’ lives. Why not have a special celebration for the Grandmother-to-be? People are choosing to have a party for the Grandmother-to-be and shower her with gifts like a diaper bag, diapers and wipes, a pack and play, books, and a few outfits to have at her house for when her new grandchild comes to visit. We are even seeing combined showers for the Mother-to-be and the Grandmother-to-be. We think this is incredibly touching and a wonderful tribute. What do you think?

Grandmother shower

Photo From: Crafter Hours Blog

4) Cash Registry Shower– Another recent trend, mothers-to-be are registering online at places like Deposit A Gift instead of traditional stores. Deposit A Gift allows mothers-to-be to say what types of things they want to buy and the attendees get to contribute towards whatever they want and then print a coupon reflecting what they contributed towards. What is especially great about this type of registry is the coupons are exchanged for cash, not the specific item. If the mother-to-be changes her mind and decides she really doesn’t like the Mickey Mouse themed room and wants to go with Winnie-the-Pooh, she can do that without having to take back everything guests purchased for her. It’s also a great idea for those expecting Mothers who choose not to find out the gender of their child. With this registry, they can buy whatever they need after the child is born. What would you think if you were invited to a Cash Registry Shower?

deposit a gift

Photo From: Angel Co

What are your favorite shower trends?

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