Happy Celebration Friday


Happy Celebration Friday, everyone! We are working on several graduation parties for next year and it made us realize just how much fun you can have with a graduation party. This is a very important time in the graduate’s life, so the party should be equal mixes of past, present, and future.

In honor of Celebration Friday we put together a Pinterest Board with some fun and different graduation party ideas and thought we would share a few with you!


Photo From: Right At Home

These melon drink skewers are truly unique and are a fun way to spice up any drink- even just sparkling water! You can buy number cookie-cutters or hand-cut them out of various types of melon. These would also be great on a fruit display.

ImagePhoto From: Tip Junkie

This a very unique tabletop idea using a roll of thick black paper and white sharpies to create a chalkboard like tabletop. You can write the names of your guests, a fun memory from each year of school, have guests write well-wishes, or get creative and write or draw anything you want! We also love the ballot box on the table with cards for guests to write their names and memories or well-wishes for the Grad.

ImagePhoto From: Babble

Looking for a way to make the drinks at your party a little more festive? These easy diy graduation caps are a really fun addition to your party. Use heavy black construction paper to cut out squares and add a piece of yarn on top in one of the school’s colors as a tassle and voila!

ImagePhoto: Events by Victoria Lee

We love the symbolism and unique presentation of this display. It’s a very fun and eye-catching display that represents looking back fondly into the past before the Grad steps out the door into the future.

ImagePhoto From: Babble

This is a really simple DIY involving a roll of paper, washi tape, poms, and sticky notes. Guests can put their sticky notes up with well-wishes or memories that can later be added to a guest book or album from the event.

If you are interested in more Graduation Party or other event ideas, please visit our Pinterest site.

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We hope you all have an amazing Friday!


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