Wedding Wednesday- Theme Edition


Happy Wedding Wednesday, everyone! In last week’s edition of Wedding Wednesday, we talked about how to choose a photographer. We got such a great response to that post, we are planning to feature similar vendor posts over the coming weeks.

Today, I wanted to talk about “Wedding Themes”. There are a limitless number of themes to choose from these days, vintage, watercolor, shabby chic, Gatsby, steampunk, rustic, beach, vineyard, off-beat, eco-friendly, and the list goes on and on. With all of the talk of themes and many wedding magazines and websites categorizing everything by theme, a lot of couples feel completely overwhelmed by the options. We have had clients who are terrified to make a choice because it might not be trendy enough, it might be too trendy, or maybe it won’t go with their “theme”.

I want every couple planning a wedding right now to:

Stop. Take a breath. Breathe deeply.! 

When you attend a wedding, what is it that you remember? You remember how beautiful the couple was, how touching their vows were, how fun the dancing was, the awesome band, silly Aunt Sue, and the love all around. Do you remember the pin-tuck napkins folded just-so? Probably not. Are all of the details what come together to create the atmosphere and the look, of course, but they are not what the guests are going to ultimately remember, and neither will you.

In my own personal wedding, I spent months agonizing over the florals because I wanted them to be j.u.s.t. s.o. without them looking like they were carefully arranged (crazy, right??). Now over a year later, I couldn’t tell you what they looked like to save my life. I can tell you all about the smile on my face, the love I felt looking at my husband(!), and how in awe of the whole day I was though!

I was recently speaking with a Bride who was completely overwhelmed by all of the choices. She had 3 different themes she was working towards and she couldn’t pinpoint a direction. Choosing a theme alone was adding far too much stress to her big day. My advice to her, and to anyone dealing with a similar obstacle is this:

Ask yourself the following two questions (and these can be about anything, not just theme):

  1. Does this theme REALLY represent us as a couple or do I just think it is pretty and fun?
  • Your theme should really represent the two of you together, so why agonize over a vintage wedding when it means nothing to your relationship? Yes, vintage weddings can be gorgeous, but if it doesn’t represent you, it won’t feel like you that day and your guests will be confused too.

2. When I close my eyes and imagine my wedding, can I picture any other theme than this one and be happy? 

  • If you think you want a shabby chic wedding, but when you close your eyes, you can can just as easily picture a nautical wedding on a beach, then it is time to go back to question number one

The most important thing you can do is be true to who you both are as a couple! If you are still stuck, sit down together and look over your relationship- what places have been important, what have you been through together, how do you decorate or want to decorate your home, what colors and patterns are you drawn to, and is there a place you really want to get married (because the venue can help steer you in the direction of a theme).

Another important point is not to feel pressured by the “Wedding Machine”. There are plenty of magazines and websites that will make you feel like vintage is so last season and a Gatsby -themed wedding is your only option, but I am here to tell you that just isn’t true.

Every wedding will be beautiful and perfect, so long as there is love and everything about it reminds you of each other.

If you need some help finding your direction and bringing all of the details together, contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation!


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