A Cake By Any Other Name….

Happy Thursday!

Last night I was discussing dessert options with a client and discovered she and her husband-to-be are huge fans of everything sweet. They are planning a very unique wedding and don’t want to have a traditional wedding cake, so we set off in search of options.

I know a lot of couples are looking to make their day unique and a really fun way to change up tradition is to serve something other than cake to your guests. Today, I wanted to take a look at some of the fun substitutions for cake!

1) Macaroons are being used as wedding favors more and more these days, but how about a macaroon tower instead of a cake? You could do many different flavors and all of the colors would make for a beautiful display!


Photo From: Pinterest

2) Still want the shape of a cake, but looking for something other than cake? How about a Rice Krispie Treat “cake”? This is so simple, beautiful, and so unique!

rice krispietreat

Photo From: The Knot

3) This is by far one of my favorites, S’mores! Someone having a backyard wedding or a woodland themed wedding should definitely consider S’mores! I saw one couple with a build your own s’more bar, and instead of cutting cake, they toasted the first marshmallow together and shared the s’more. It was definitely a fun touch!


Photo From: Frost the Cake

4) Over on our main website, our Weekly Feature showcased my Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law’s wedding. Their wedding included an amazing donut tower that everyone raved about. This is a great way to give guests a food they can pick up and go with in a variety of flavors!

Donut tower

Photo From: High Image Photography

5) Another classic dessert that makes a great alternative to a wedding cake is an ice cream sandwich! You can either have pre-made ice cream sandwiches or have a bar where guests get to choose their ice cream and types of cookies.


Photo From: Bride Bop

6) One last suggestions- for the couple having a morning wedding, a waffle bar is a great option. You can still have the tradition of cutting the “cake”, but give guests the option to create their own waffle.


Photo From: Bride Bop

There are so many other options out there to couples looking to break away from Wedding Cake! The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Looking to create your own unique wedding? Contact us today to set up a free consultation!


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