The World of DIY

D.I.Y. This acronym has the ability to delight and terrify even the most experienced and savvy crafter. There is just something about your own wedding that makes D.I.Y projects 100x more overwhelming.

The “Wedding Machine” will show you pictures of miles of handcrafted bunting, perfectly painted mason jars, paper flower bouquets that look so sweet and simple. Pinterest will give you the impression that EVERY couple in the ENTIRE world carefully crafts every little of their wedding and that if you don’t, your wedding isn’t good enough or on their level.

Well, we at Events by Victoria Lee are here to tell you this just isn’t true! There are plenty of couples who turn to Etsy to get special touches or hire/enlist friends and family to complete the tasks. There are also just as many couples who don’t D.I.Y or purchase anything handmade and have a spectacular wedding that everyone talks about!

We previously discussed how important it is for couples to enjoy the planning process. We truly believe it is important to have a realistic conversation and decide what elements are truly important to you as a couple and what actually have the time and resources to tackle on your own. We advise our clients not to take on more than one project per month- and if you are making your own invitations, to allow yourself two months to complete them. If you do finish your project early and have time, then you can start another project, but it alleviates the pressure and the the unknown of what is next.

For each project, ask yourself this simple set of questions to help you determine if you should D.I.Y, Buy, Or Forget it.

  1. How much will this project cost me? (Factor in supplies, tools you may need to purchase, and shipping. For invitations, don’t forget to include postage on for each invitation AND RSVP Card)
  2. How much time will this project take? (This is a question you can ask your Wedding Planner and family and/or friends. Weddingbee is also a great resource as many of the participants are very invested in D.I.Y and they provide tutorials, tips and tricks, and give you a good idea for how long things take to complete. Don’t forget to consider what your time is worth!)
  3. How much would it cost me to buy the item or purchase it partially finished for me to complete? (Sometimes it really is less expensive to purchase the item(s), so don’t just assume that because it is D.I.Y that equals cheaper! You can find great deals on Etsy, Wedding Bee Classifieds, and Tradesy (Formerly Recycled Bride).)
  4. Do I have experience and skills related to the project? (If you are really good with design, but not as good with stamping and embossing, perhaps you could consider designing and printing your invitations, but having a friend or outside source complete the embossing for you.)
  5. Is this a crucial element to the design of the wedding? (For example, the stained jars for the centerpieces may be more important than the homemade frames for the dessert table.)
  6. Is this something we have to have or would we be okay with something else? (Maybe you would really like a homemade origami crane backdrop for the ceremony, but you also love the  idea of a ribbon and lace backdrop. While they both may have similar costs, the amount of time saved doing the ribbon and lace backdrop may allow you the time to complete other projects.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to enjoy every second of being engaged and not feel overwhelmed to the point of wanting it all to be over (believe us, this happens more often than you would think!!!).

With that in mind, here are three great touches you can easily DIY or purchase to add a little touch of homemade to your big day:

1) Custom Monogram Stamp- you can purchase the stamp and add it as a personal touch to your invitations, escort cards, drink napkins, and so much more!  You can change all of the details about the stamp to really make it your own and it truly is a very simple way to add flair to anything for your wedding!

monogramPhoto From: Rubber Stamps

2) Pressed Flowers- Want a design that adds dimension to your paper products, but don’t want to pay a fortune to buy it or spend a ton of time pressing flowers in books? The Microfleur is the perfect solution! It is a microwavable and reusable flower press that allows you to use the flowers the same day you press them. You can even press foliage. Add the pressed flowers to table numbers, programs, ceremony and reception signs, or escort cards for a beautiful look that takes very little time! Available on Amazon for only $27.99, it is definitely well worth the investment!

pressed flowersPhoto From:  Pinterest

3) Olive oil and herb infused favors- These favors are a huge hit at any wedding as men and women both love them. They are thoughtful and simple to whip up. Simply purchase fresh herbs like rosemary, garlic, and thyme and add the herbs and olive oil to a beautiful bottle. Add a ribbon, bakers twine, or a tag and you are all set. Every time the guest uses the oil to cook, they will be brought back to your special day!

olive oil

Photo From: Martha Stewart Weddings

Do you have some great DIY ideas? Let us know! You can also Contact Us to schedule a free consultation so we can help make your dreams come true!


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