Weekly Feature August 19th- Children’s Parties

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Children’s Birthday Parties!

Events by Victoria Lee is your planner for more than just weddings. Do you have a child getting ready to celebrate a birthday? This post is just for you.

Birthday parties for children are so much more than they used to be. While the emphasis these days is on bigger and better, we can show you how to make a top-notch party without breaking the bank!

The theme for this year, that is continuing to make waves into next year is “creativity”. Parties aren’t just about cake and pin-the-tail on the donkey anymore. You can really let your imagination run wild when you create a birthday party. Here are just a few of the birthday party themes we love!

1) Little Chef

A little chef party can mean anything from creating your own pizza and ice cream at home, to taking a trip to a cooking  school, to providing chef hats and aprons for everyone and letting them decorate their own cupcakes. This theme is adaptable for boys and girls of any age!

Photo From: Love The Day

2) Arts and Crafts Party

It can be stressful trying to plan all of the details of a birthday party, so having an all-inclusive venue is a great idea! An arts and crafts studio is ideal for a child’s birthday party as you get the venue, supplies,  activity, and favors all taken care of. A Paint Your Own Pottery studio is a great choice, where the kids get to select a piece of pottery, or in some cases make their own, then paint it, and have it fired for them to take home. Again, this party is great for boys or girls of all ages.

Photo From: Arts Ultd

3) Tie-Dye Parties

We have discussed these on our blog before, but they are just too much fun to not mention again! Just like the Arts and Crafts party, the tie-dye party helps cut down on details to plan, because you have already planned the activity and favor just by picking this as a theme. You can either ask parents to send an item to tie-dye or provide each guest with a  shirt, handkerchief, or one of our personal favorites, shoe laces! You can utilize the theme throughout the party with tie-dyed cupcakes, food, and decorations!

Photo From: The Little Style File

4) Pirate Birthday Party

It’s impossible to not find something to love about a Pirate Party! From the fantastic (and easy to create/inexpensive to buy) costumes and props, the endless decoration options, and the huge smile it will put on your child’s face, we guarantee a Pirate Party will be a huge hit. While there are plenty of venues that offer Pirate parties, this one is simple enough to create at home!

Photo From: Pinterest

5) Cowboy and Cowgirl Parties

Yee-haw! This theme is sure to be a hit with everyone who attends. You can build your own backyard ranch or rent a barn or real ranch to host your party. Your little cowgirl or cowboy will be the star of their own rodeo. You can have lasso contests, play horseshoes, have pony rides, or learn how to milk goats. Many farms offer great educational parties where the guests get to learn about all of the animals, what it takes to care for them, and how to grow the food they eat.

Photo From: Pinterest


We have so many unique ideas for making your child’s party special! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!


Celebration Friday- The Children’s Edition

It’s Friday!! Who is ready for the weekend??

friday-i-love-you1Happy Celebration Friday! This week we wanted to dedicate the blog post to children. There is nothing sweeter than the look of excitement and surprise on a child’s face on their birthday or other important holiday.

There are so many ideas and options out there for themes and there is a lot of pressure to make each birthday bigger and better than the last. We want to show you ways to make birthdays amazing and memorable without breaking the bank or your sanity!

1) Pick an easy theme.

Sometimes picking a detailed theme can make the party even more difficult, because then you have to stop and ask yourself if it all really goes together. We suggest picking something easy that you can quickly apply to all aspects of the party.

For example, toddlers love shapes! Why not have a circle themed birthday party? There are so many things that are circles, it will make your job that much easier. Cups and plates are already circles, there are many foods that are already circles or can easily be formed into a circle, and banners and decor can quickly be made into circles. By choosing something like a shape as a theme, you aren’t limiting yourself on color or one style, you can do a rainbow of colors or incorporate baseballs and basketballs and have it all still go together.

circlePhoto From: Real Simple

How about picking a main color and an accent color as the theme? Picking one main color and one accent color and making everything shades of those colors simplifies every aspect of the party. For example, here is a great picture of a green and grey 1st birthday party:

green partyPhoto From: Pinterest

One more idea for theme options: pick an activity your child loves. A great example- making a mess! Most children love to get messy and having a birthday party centered around being messy is a dream come true! For food, you can have a cake splattered with various colored frosting and gel and let the kids decorate their own cupcakes to take home with different colored frosting. Sloppy Joes can be the main course, served with corn chips and guacamole. Activities are so simple- ask the kids to come in clothes the parents don’t mind getting dirty. You can start with a pinata filled with cooked spaghetti, a silly string war, bobbing for apples, set up tarps and rolls of paper the kids can splatter paint filled balloons on, fill a baby pool with potting soil and water for a great mud puddle, and at the end, hose everyone off!

messy party 1Photo From: Pinterest

2) Location, location, location!!!

Have the party at your house or a friend’s house, if possible. Free venues are sometimes the best! You can also look into nearby State, Federal, and local parks for pavilion and other space rentals. They are typically inexpensive to rent and give you the entire day to set-up, have the party, and tear down. Another option is to check out some of the local museums for party options. Philadelphia has the amazing Please Touch Museum, specifically designed with children in mind. Their party packages include a room for the party, all-day admission for all of the guests, food, themed decorations, and much more. If you don’t want to have to worry about set-up, clean-up, or activity planning- this is the perfect option! Check out the Please Touch Museum by clicking here.

please touchPhoto From: Visit Philly

3) Choose a menu that is easy.

While there are many children who eat a very wide range of foods, why stress about a gourmet menu? First, check for guest allergies, you want to make sure you don’t serve something that will make someone sick. Next, pick items you can make ahead or items that are simple to whip up. We suggested sloppy joes earlier, so simple in a crock pot. Pizza, macaroni and cheese, veggie burgers, grilled chicken, wraps, the list of simple options goes on and on. The kids are going to be so busy playing, they won’t want to stop to eat anyhow! You want to pick foods that will be quick to eat.


Photo From: TLC

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing specific party themes in detail with you, so you will need to stay-tuned for that!

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