Wedding Wednesday- Flower Edition

It’s Wednesday already!


Last week, we talked about popping the question and we had a lot of great responses to that post! Thank you all for reading and getting involved in our posts. We want to post ideas and articles that are relevant to you, so we encourage you to leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below!

Today we are talking about Floral Trends, so this is kind of a joint Wedding Wednesday and Wedding Trend post in one.

While there are an unlimited number of options for decorating venues, floral arrangements can really set the tone for the entire event. The trending color in 2013 was green and many couples incorporated various shades of green through their floral arrangements. We have discussed that 2014 will be the year of blue, so here are a few examples of ways to incorporate blue flowers during the different seasons:

1) Spring

Some great choices: Anemone, Delphinium, Hyacinth, Iris, Lilac, Peony, Allium, Hydrangea, Gerbera Daisy, and Pansies (to name a few)

Photo From: Pinterest (Blue and White Anemone)

2) Summer

Hydrangea, Bachelor’s Button, Blue Lilac, Gerbera Daisies, Delphinium, Blue Pimpernel, Willow Blue-Star, and Blue-tined roses

Photo From: Annie’s Annuals (Blue Pimpernel)

3) Fall

Salvias, Blue Throatwort, Cornflower, Blue Thistle, Morning Glory, Sea Holly, Veronica, Plumbago, Monkshood, and Lupine

Photo From: Pinterest (Blue Sea Holly)

4) Winter

Forget-me-nots, Winter Iris, Violas, Pansies, Larkspur, William, Dusty Miller, Candytuft, Cornflower, Hydrangea, and Amaryllis

Photo From: Flower Info (Candytuft)

 Other trends that are very hot for 2014 are:

1) Textured Arrangements

Photo From: Pinterest

2) Baby’s Breath

Photo From: Belle the Magazine

3) Succulents

Photo From: It’s a Bride’s Life

4) Single Flower Boutonnière

Photo From: Pinterest

5) Carnations in Muted Colors*

Photo From: Real Simple

* Carnations are making a huge comeback as an inexpensive substitute for peonies

What do you think about the floral trends for 2014? Let us know! Make sure you Contact Us today to schedule a complimentary consultation for your big day!


2014 Wedding Trends- Colors

There are so many exciting trends headed to the wedding world in 2014 and we can’t wait to share them all with you! Today, however, we want to focus on the cornerstone of trends, which are the colors.

This season, we have seen blue growing in popularity. Blue is the “color of trust”, so it is no surprise couples love to work blue into their color palettes. In 2013, the shades of blue we have seen have been very light and airy to compliment the ever so popular vintage theme. Next season, however, deeper blues will be taking over in the form of midnight blue and royal blue.  A monochromatic deep blue theme will also be topping the trends list.

midnightblue1Photo From: I Wedding World

Blue is so trendy for next season, it is considered the new black of the menswear world. Many attribute the soaring popularity of blue menswear to the James Bond movie Skyfall that featured Bond himself in blue suits and tuxedos.

JCrewNavyTux-600Photo From: GQ– Tuxedo from J. Crew

Warm-toned fall colors, such as yellow-undertoned reds, sunflower yellows, and tangerine, will be huge in 2014. Because of their warm undertones, the colors will easily be adapted for use during any season. Using any of these sunbaked colors will add warmth and depth to any color palette.


Photo From: Pinterest

2014 will be the year of clashing colors and patterns, and simplest way to bring it all together is to utilize grey as an anchor color. Grey allows you to use bright pinks, warm reds, rusty yellows, carrot oranges, and deep greens, all together without it looking mismatched.

greyPhoto From: Pinterest

2013 showed some serious love for the avocado shade of green, and it will continue to maintain popularity going into the 2014 wedding season. What we love about avocado green is it’s rich and earthy tones- lending itself perfectly to the vintage theme that continue to gain in popularity in 2014. Mix avocado green with goldenrod and you have a very ethereal and rich color palette.


Photo From: Elizabeth Anne Designs

2014 is going to be a year of rich warm colors and amazing patterns, which we will feature a preview of later this week. What do you think of the 2014 color trends?

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Celebration Friday!- Bridal Showers

Happy Friday, everyone! You know what that means,


Last weekend was a beautiful bridal shower for my best friend and it was simple and beautiful. Sometimes, the best parties are not focused on over-the-top decor and themes, but rather on capturing the moment and the love.

So today, we thought we would showcase some sweet and simple Bridal Shower ideas!

Simple Bridal Shower 1

Photo From: We Heart Parties

This Bridal Shower is so warm and inviting; it is easy to picture a room full of family and friends celebrating a special day. We love the multi-colored bunting and touches of yellow and green that make the otherwise neutral palette pop! The babys breath is fresh, light, and adds a touch of whimsy to the display.

Washi Tape Tea LightsPhoto From: Something Turquoise

Finding a unique, simple, and inexpensive favor is always difficult, but these DIY washi tape tea lights are a great choice! Simply buy tea lights and various colors and/or patterns of washi tape then, cut, apply tape, fold the edges, place in a tulle circle, tie-off with some matching baker’s twine, and voila! These would also be great decor items for the shower itself.

Cupcake toppers

Photo From: Joyful Weddings and Events

If you want to serve cupcakes, but are looking for a simple way to add some pizzaz, cut out the first initial of the first name of the happy couple and a “plus” sign, glue to toothpicks and stick into cupcakes. You could also purchase the letters at a local craft store. This is a great place to add some removable color and sparkle to the cupcakes that won’t leave the guests with a multi-colored tongue!

Food DisplayPhoto From: Pinterest

The food display is an opportunity to make a beautiful statement at the shower. We just love how the vegetables have been cut up in long strips and placed in different glasses with the dip in a big martini glass. Finger-sandwiches are perfect for a bridal shower; you can make several varieties without adding too much cost. The candy display is also a great addition to the table.

InvitationPhoto From: Etsy

Sometimes simple is better, and these invitations definitely say classic and sophisticated! You want to make sure the invitation matches the feel and tone of the shower, so it is important to shop around for the perfect invitation. We absolutely love Etsy (for so many reasons!) for their designers that allow you to print your invitation from home. You pay a small fee for them to design it and once it is exactly how you want it, they e-mail you the file, and you can finish them at home! This saves on the cost and allows you to add a personalized touch before sending them out.

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Finding a Venue- Wedding Wednesday (on Thursday!)

I apologize for our silence the last few days! We have been having an issue with our posts, but it was finally corrected this morning.

We are back and ready to go with several posts for you! Today, we wanted to add another post to our series on about finding the right vendors, so we are going to be talking about selecting a venue. Let’s pretend it’s Wedding Wednesday for a moment, shall we?


Selecting a venue is one of the most important wedding decisions you and your significant other will make. The venue sets the tone for the entire celebration and is therefore the foundation for every other decision you will make. We know just how frustrating finding the perfect venue can be, so we wanted to share a few tips with you.

1) The very first thing you should do is determine what your budget is for a venue. The average cost in our area (Southeastern, PA) is close to $14,500.00. We want to stress that there are numerous venues for less! It is just important to set a significant portion of your budget aside for a venue. Whether it’s $1,000.00 or $20,000.00, you should be setting aside about 30%-35% of your total budget for a venue.

2) Once you have your budget figured out, you and your significant other need to decide if you want to have your ceremony and reception in the same place, or if you want to utilize 2 different locations. Many couples are choosing to have their entire event at one location as it saves on costs for transportation, décor (you can use florals or elements from ceremony decoration at the reception), photography (less time spent traveling = fewer hours you need a photographer), and overall venue cost (many venues discount or give you the ceremony location and chairs for free when you book an inclusive package).

3) Next, you should determine what you want from a venue. We recommend our clients consider the following points and rank their importance:

  • All-inclusive package (florals, cake, food, alcohol, linens, chairs, ceremony space, etc)
  • Ability to bring in outside vendors
  • Freedom to decorate
  • Location
  • On-site caterer
  • Aesthetics
  • Parking
  • Price
  • On-site contact person
  • Who handles set-up (do you want the venue to do it or would you rather you or your Wedding Planner decorate)
  • Who handles tear-down (do you want the venue to do it or would you rather you or your Wedding Planner tear-down)
  • Time-limit on site use
  • Ability to customize package

4) Once you know your budget, how many venues you need, and what is most important to you and your significant other, it will be simple for your Wedding Planner to give you a list of venues that fit your criteria. If you do not have a Wedding Planner, you can use sites like The KnotWeddingbee, and Wedding Wire to help you narrow down your search.

5) If you are going to have two different venues, we recommend you plot your various options on a map to help you determine the logistics of choosing a certain venue. You want to consider proximity to the ceremony location, the time of day (think traffic), cost of the venue vs. additional cost (for example- it may be better to pick the venue that costs $6,500.00 instead of the of $5,000.00 venue if you will have to spend an extra $2,500.00 on transportation to shuttle guests and the Bridal Party around), and proximity to the hotel (if you won’t be providing transportation to the hotel, you will want to consider guests’ ability to get back safely).

6) Do a lot of online research! Read reviews, extensively review their websites, and look for albums from photographers who have photographed weddings there.

7) We recommend only contacting 5 potential venues via e-mail to start with. If you contact too many venues, it may get too overwhelming and potentially make your decision difficult. Ask the venues to provide details about what their packages include and the items you ranked as most important to you (bringing in outside vendors, onsite catering, set-up/tear-down, etc).

8) Keep an eye on how quickly the venue responds, how willing they are to give you information, and if you get an automated response or an actual e-mail from an employee. While there is nothing wrong with an automated response, you may be looking for one-on-one interaction and how a venue handles the initial contact is typically a good indicator as to how helpful they will be during the planning process. Also, it is our experience that a venue that is unwilling to give you any information via e-mail before you come take a tour either is going to be very expensive or has a lot of restrictions on events they allow. While neither one of these things may pose an issue for your wedding, it is something to keep in mind.

9) Select three venues to set up tours with. If possible, try to set up a tour the morning of another wedding, so you can see the venue in action. A lot of times it can be difficult to imagine the full-potential of a space when it is empty. Take note of how receptive they are to you and how many questions they ask you. Venues that are committed to their clients will want to get to know them and their wedding well. Also, take a list of important questions with you so you don’t forget anything and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions! If they won’t give you specific answers to your questions, don’t be afraid to push for answers. After all, this is your wedding and you need to have all of the facts to make the best decision. Make sure you get anything additional they offer, like free ceremony space and chair rental or an additional hour of reception time at no additional cost, in writing! We have had clients who have had venues make promises, but never written it down, and then not follow through.

10) Once you have toured the venues and gotten all of their package information, you Wedding Planner can help you narrow down your options even further. Don’t forget, Wedding Planners may also be able to negotiate add-ons at no additional cost or discounts, so it is absolutely worth having a Wedding Planner! Once you have made your decision, be sure you sign a detailed contract as soon as possible so you don’t lose the date.

We want close out this post with 3 of our favorite all-inclusive venues in the area:

1) The Downingtown Country Club in beautiful Chester County- Their packages include; food, alcohol, ceremony site options, cocktail hour site options, reception, linens, cake, centerpieces, discount and transportation with a nearby hotel, and amazing service. Victoria Lee can personally attest to the fantastic experience you receive at DCC as she and her husband were married there. They have packages to accommodate all budgets and are willing to work with you throughout the entire process to ensure a perfect day. Check out their website here: Downingtown Country Club

100_0335Photo From: Personal Photo

2) In Delaware County, we love The Old Mill in Rose Valley at Ridley Creek State Park. They have numerous options, with 3 unique outdoor ceremony locations, a gorgeous ballroom, and tented courtyards, this venue can be customized to fit any theme or wish. They also work with award-winning Conner Catering for food, so you know you will not be disappointed. Check out The Old Mill here: The Old Mill  and Conner Catering here: Conner Catering.

The Old Mill

Photo From: Main Line Events

3) In Philadelphia, there is nothing quiet as unique as The TRUST Venue. Located on Arch Street, this venue offers unique, elegant, breathtaking, and classic all in one place. They have so many options that you can truly turn this venue into anything you can dream of. We highly recommend you check out The TRUST Venue if you are planning a wedding in Philadelphia at: The TRUST Venue

TrustPhoto From: TRUST Twitter

Need some help finding your dream venue? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

Last Week’s Weekly Feature

In order to archive our weekly features over on our Main Page, we will be posting them here as well.

Here is last week’s weekly feature:


This week on “Weekly Feature” I wanted to showcase my Sister-in-Law’s gorgeous wedding. Lauren & Mo are a beautiful couple who wanted to have a fun backyard wedding with a pig roast. The wedding was held June 22nd, 2013 in her parents’ backyard in Downingtown, PA. The Photographer was High Image Photography and all of the pictures below are compliments of HIP, unless otherwise noted.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of the simple details made their big day sparkle and shine. Some of my favorite details were the homemade olive oil and herb favor bottles, the mismatched China, and all of the signs around my in-laws’ property that made it special.

What I love most about this wedding, besides the gorgeous couple, is that there was no real “theme”. The whole day fell under the “Backyard BBQ Wedding” umbrella, but it was everything the couple and family loved all put together into one fabulous event. This just goes to prove that a  traditional or trendy theme is not at all necessary to have a beautiful wedding.

A lot of people think “backyard” equals easy, but I think anyone involved in this wedding would tell you it was truly a labor of love and a lot of (fun) work! What made this wedding so unique and special was all of the love and little details that went into every part of this wedding. Family, friends, and neighbors all came together to make this day a success and it was spectacular.

Another huge hit at this wedding was the band. A lot of times, it is difficult to book a wedding band that will keep people on the dance floor all night long. Sometimes everything they sing sounds the same and it gets boring or sometimes their repertoire isn’t deep enough to please the crowd. Lauren and Mo hit the nail on the head when they booked The Fair Trade for their wedding. The Fair Trade is an Irish Rock Band, but don’t let the label of “Irish Rock Band” fool you. These guys played the Beatles, Mumford & Sons, Elvis, Flogging Molly, Men at Work, Rolling Stones, John Mayer, and everything in between. Once the party started, the dance floor was packed all night. In fact, the band stayed longer than expected because everyone was having so much fun. When you are looking for a great wedding band, go to several of the band’s events to get a feel for their style and variety before you book!

Thank you to Lauren and Mo for allowing me to feature their gorgeous wedding this week. If you have any questions about the vendors they used,  or are interested in planning your own backyard wedding, contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

A Cake By Any Other Name….

Happy Thursday!

Last night I was discussing dessert options with a client and discovered she and her husband-to-be are huge fans of everything sweet. They are planning a very unique wedding and don’t want to have a traditional wedding cake, so we set off in search of options.

I know a lot of couples are looking to make their day unique and a really fun way to change up tradition is to serve something other than cake to your guests. Today, I wanted to take a look at some of the fun substitutions for cake!

1) Macaroons are being used as wedding favors more and more these days, but how about a macaroon tower instead of a cake? You could do many different flavors and all of the colors would make for a beautiful display!


Photo From: Pinterest

2) Still want the shape of a cake, but looking for something other than cake? How about a Rice Krispie Treat “cake”? This is so simple, beautiful, and so unique!

rice krispietreat

Photo From: The Knot

3) This is by far one of my favorites, S’mores! Someone having a backyard wedding or a woodland themed wedding should definitely consider S’mores! I saw one couple with a build your own s’more bar, and instead of cutting cake, they toasted the first marshmallow together and shared the s’more. It was definitely a fun touch!


Photo From: Frost the Cake

4) Over on our main website, our Weekly Feature showcased my Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law’s wedding. Their wedding included an amazing donut tower that everyone raved about. This is a great way to give guests a food they can pick up and go with in a variety of flavors!

Donut tower

Photo From: High Image Photography

5) Another classic dessert that makes a great alternative to a wedding cake is an ice cream sandwich! You can either have pre-made ice cream sandwiches or have a bar where guests get to choose their ice cream and types of cookies.


Photo From: Bride Bop

6) One last suggestions- for the couple having a morning wedding, a waffle bar is a great option. You can still have the tradition of cutting the “cake”, but give guests the option to create their own waffle.


Photo From: Bride Bop

There are so many other options out there to couples looking to break away from Wedding Cake! The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Looking to create your own unique wedding? Contact us today to set up a free consultation!

Wedding Wednesday- Theme Edition


Happy Wedding Wednesday, everyone! In last week’s edition of Wedding Wednesday, we talked about how to choose a photographer. We got such a great response to that post, we are planning to feature similar vendor posts over the coming weeks.

Today, I wanted to talk about “Wedding Themes”. There are a limitless number of themes to choose from these days, vintage, watercolor, shabby chic, Gatsby, steampunk, rustic, beach, vineyard, off-beat, eco-friendly, and the list goes on and on. With all of the talk of themes and many wedding magazines and websites categorizing everything by theme, a lot of couples feel completely overwhelmed by the options. We have had clients who are terrified to make a choice because it might not be trendy enough, it might be too trendy, or maybe it won’t go with their “theme”.

I want every couple planning a wedding right now to:

Stop. Take a breath. Breathe deeply.! 

When you attend a wedding, what is it that you remember? You remember how beautiful the couple was, how touching their vows were, how fun the dancing was, the awesome band, silly Aunt Sue, and the love all around. Do you remember the pin-tuck napkins folded just-so? Probably not. Are all of the details what come together to create the atmosphere and the look, of course, but they are not what the guests are going to ultimately remember, and neither will you.

In my own personal wedding, I spent months agonizing over the florals because I wanted them to be j.u.s.t. s.o. without them looking like they were carefully arranged (crazy, right??). Now over a year later, I couldn’t tell you what they looked like to save my life. I can tell you all about the smile on my face, the love I felt looking at my husband(!), and how in awe of the whole day I was though!

I was recently speaking with a Bride who was completely overwhelmed by all of the choices. She had 3 different themes she was working towards and she couldn’t pinpoint a direction. Choosing a theme alone was adding far too much stress to her big day. My advice to her, and to anyone dealing with a similar obstacle is this:

Ask yourself the following two questions (and these can be about anything, not just theme):

  1. Does this theme REALLY represent us as a couple or do I just think it is pretty and fun?
  • Your theme should really represent the two of you together, so why agonize over a vintage wedding when it means nothing to your relationship? Yes, vintage weddings can be gorgeous, but if it doesn’t represent you, it won’t feel like you that day and your guests will be confused too.

2. When I close my eyes and imagine my wedding, can I picture any other theme than this one and be happy? 

  • If you think you want a shabby chic wedding, but when you close your eyes, you can can just as easily picture a nautical wedding on a beach, then it is time to go back to question number one

The most important thing you can do is be true to who you both are as a couple! If you are still stuck, sit down together and look over your relationship- what places have been important, what have you been through together, how do you decorate or want to decorate your home, what colors and patterns are you drawn to, and is there a place you really want to get married (because the venue can help steer you in the direction of a theme).

Another important point is not to feel pressured by the “Wedding Machine”. There are plenty of magazines and websites that will make you feel like vintage is so last season and a Gatsby -themed wedding is your only option, but I am here to tell you that just isn’t true.

Every wedding will be beautiful and perfect, so long as there is love and everything about it reminds you of each other.

If you need some help finding your direction and bringing all of the details together, contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation!