Wedding Wednesday- Proposals

We are half way through the week, so it’s time for another Wedding Wednesday post!

weddingwednesdayWe were inspired this morning by a beautiful proposal that we shared on our Facebook Page. This post is dedicated to all things marriage proposals!

Asking your significant other to spend the rest of their life with you is one of the most important questions you will ever ask or be asked. (Notice how we say significant other instead of girlfriend- we believe proposals can be done by anyone of any gender to anyone of any gender.) A proposal should be meaningful to both of you- whether that means a romantic walk in the park where you first met, proposing on the ferris wheel at your favorite amusement park, coordinating a flash mob, or proposing at home surrounded by family and friends, you should take time to consider what is meaningful in your relationship and build the proposal around it.

1) Rings.

When beginning to plan your proposal you first want to consider a ring and the cost associated. Make sure you know your significant other’s preferences (you don’t actually have to ask them, you can talk to family and friends or take a look at what jewelry they wear for inspiration) and then begin your search! A ring doesn’t just have to be a diamond solitaire, there are thousands upon thousands of great options!

  • Gemstone rings are beautiful and unique; they can also be very sentimental. You can choose their birthstone, your birthstone, or a gem that is otherwise meaningful to them.

topaz ringPhoto From: Gemvara

  • Delicate Bands. There are a lot more couples choosing a band with beautiful detail as an engagement ring/wedding band. The ring becomes extra special as it is the on you will propose with and marry your significant other with!

band engagement ringPhoto From: Etsy

  • Engagement Rings for Guys. More and more men are the ones being proposed to these days, which is pretty fabulous, if you ask our opinion! We are seeing so many great options for male engagement rings now that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one for your significant other!

trillion bandPhoto From: Love and Pride

2) Location.

As we mentioned before, it is important to pick a meaningful location for your proposal. Perhaps there is a cafe you both love to go to for breakfast or a favorite painting at a museum- ultimately what matter is that the location is special to you both.

  • Perhaps you want to propose in front of your favorite fountain in Central Park. (Clicking on this link will take you to the Youtube video where you can witness the whole proposal that includes an incredible flash mob!)

Carl ProposalPhoto From: Go See Do Arts

  • Maybe your significant other has been away for an extended period and you want to catch them off guard at the airport to signify their return and the start of your new life together.

woman proposing to a manPhoto From: Shine Yahoo

  • Sporting events can be amazing places to propose. Take this fantastic couple who got engaged at an NHL Game on the ice! Alicia (the one being proposed to) is a HUGE Ottawa fan and her girlfriend knew this would be the perfect place to propose. How sweet is this! (If you click on the link under the photo, you can even watch the amazing proposal!)

hockey proposalPhoto From: Equally Wed

3) Who?

Deciding who to involve in the proposal and who to tell can be a very difficult decision to make. You want to make sure to think about how your significant other will feel about other people being involved, as some people would rather it just be an intimate moment. Other people, however, would just love to have their family and friends involved!

  • Proposing in front of family at an event can make the proposal that much more special. Being able to celebrate such a big milestone with your family is such a special treat!

public proposalPhoto From: Pinterest

  • Flash Mob proposals are very trendy right now. They are a great way to set the stage for a proposal your significant other will never forget!

Flash mob ProposalPhoto From: The Heart Bandits

  • We featured this proposal this morning on our Facebook page. We absolutely love everything about this proposal! He makes up a story about how she needs to take care of his nephew that night while he works. She arrives at her soon-to-be Brother-in-law’s house to find a dress, necklace, and roses next to a laptop. She pushes play to find a video of her soon-to-be husband telling her he isn’t at work and that a car will be there in 10 minutes to pick her up and that there is a surprise in the car for her to look at during the 10 minute drive. When she gets in the limo, she finds a book he had made dedicated to their relationship. The last few pages are perhaps the most important though, because they are pictures of her parents, brother, grandparents, best friends, and his family holding signs congratulating her on her engagement. We love that he kept the proposal intimate between the two of them, but still had all of their family and friends involved! Watch the proposal here: Youtube Video

What will you say?

For most people, planning exactly what they will say when they propose is the hardest part. Some choose to write a poem or a song or even memorize a speech. Other people choose to say whatever they feel at the moment. Still others prefer to let a song or a sign do the asking. No matter how you decide to propose, choosing what you will say is one of the most important parts!

Here are some great tips from The Knot on how to decide what you will say: The Knot Article


There is a lot of work that goes into planning a proposal, but it will all be worth it when you see the smile on their face and hear them say yes!

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Weekly Feature- August 12th-19th- Ceremony Ideas

This week on “Weekly Feature” :

Unique Ceremony Ideas!

Last week, we featured some amazing venues, so this week we wanted to share some unique ceremony ideas you could use at any of those (or other!) venues.

1) Unique seating arrangements.

Many of our clients have expressed an interest in wanting to change up the traditional seating arrangement of straight pews or straight chairs. Here are just a few of the ideas we have found:

  • Spiral pattern. Instead of the traditional straight rows, we love the idea of setting up the chairs in a spiral pattern. This set-up allows each guest to feel close to the person walking down the aisle. It also allows the person walking down the aisle to have a moment with each guest, even if it’s just making eye contact and smiling. The walk down the aisle is such a special moment and this set-up helps it last just a little bit longer.

serpentine chairs

Photo From: Pinterest

  • Half Circle on each side of the altar. We absolutely adore everything about this ceremony site, but we are particularly fond of the chair set-up. Your friends and family have surrounded you with their love and support for your whole life, so it only makes sense to have them all around you on one of the most important days of your life!

circle ceremony

Photo From: Weddings in Iowa

  • Unique Chairs. If you want to have the traditional aisle, you can still change up the seating to make it unique. We love the strong presence of the wrought iron chairs, made more feminine with pillows in the wedding colors. The use of iron and the various colored pillows makes for beautiful photos and comfortable guests.

iron chair seatin

Photo From: Sincerity Bridal

2) New Traditions.

Over the last few wedding seasons, we have become more familiar with the wine box ceremony, the sand ceremony, and the hand-fasting ceremony. Couples are always seeking new ways to showcase their one-of-a-kind love with a unique unity ceremony. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Irish Stone Blessing. In Ireland, it is traditional for couples to marry by the water as it is considered a sacred place. Guests are given stones, asked to make a wish for the couple, and toss the stones into the water to bless the couple. As a little twist, have the guests write their names on one side of a stone and a blessing on the other and keep them with them during the ceremony.  The couple should also write their own wishes on stones and have the officiant say a unity prayer or blessing over them. Towards the end of the ceremony, have the officiant perform a special prayer or blessing for the wishes the guests have made and as the guests exit the ceremony, have them drop the stone into a decorated hurricane vase filled with water. This can be used in place of or in addition to a guest book at the reception.

Irish Stone Blessing

Photo From: Pinterest

  • Salt Covenant. In the old days, agreements were sealed with a salt covenant; each party in the agreement would have a bag of salt and place a pinch of their salt in the other party(ies) bag(s). The agreement was considered binding, unless one party could retrieve their own grains of salt from another party’s bag. This is a perfect unity ceremony, because just as you could not remove your own grains of salt, you will not be able to remove the love in your heart and the bonds of marriage. For this ceremony, the couple would each have their own bag of salt and combine it into a special container to be displayed (or even used) in their home.

Salt Covenant

Photo From: Etsy

  • Plant Ceremony. For this ceremony, a young plant is symbolic of your love and relationship. During the ceremony, the couple adds a cup of soil from their hometown and then waters the plant together. You could also add a cup of soil from your new home to it as well. The plant will be a lasting reminder of your wedding day and you can watch it grow as you both grow together.

Plant Ceremony

Photo From: Brett & Emily Photographers

3) Non-Floral Displays.

Perhaps floral arrangements aren’t in your budget, or one of you is allergic, or maybe you just want something different. We have several great ideas for ceremony decor that does not include flowers!

  • Picture Frames. You can paint picture frames of various sizes and shapes in one or multiple wedding colors and hang them as a backdrop for the altar, put pictures in them to hang on the chairs along the aisle, or place glitter frames on the ground on top of tulle and candles for a romantic effect.

Frame Decor

Photo From: Wedding Gawker

  • Books. Using books in place of florals is a great way to bring color to your ceremony! We love everything about this arch made of books.

Book Decor

Photo From: Done Brilliantly

                 And how about having the bridal party carry books instead of flowers and have boutonnieres and corsages made

out of pages from your favorite books?

bridesmaid books

Photo From: Emmaline Bride

  • Lantern Decor. Paper lanterns make beautiful decorations. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. From solid colors to doily patterns, you can find exactly what you need to match your ceremony. Not only are the stunning and reusable for the reception and at home, but they are inexpensive, too!


Photo From:

We have so many unique ideas for making your wedding ceremony special! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!