Weekly Feature- August 12th-19th- Ceremony Ideas

This week on “Weekly Feature” :

Unique Ceremony Ideas!

Last week, we featured some amazing venues, so this week we wanted to share some unique ceremony ideas you could use at any of those (or other!) venues.

1) Unique seating arrangements.

Many of our clients have expressed an interest in wanting to change up the traditional seating arrangement of straight pews or straight chairs. Here are just a few of the ideas we have found:

  • Spiral pattern. Instead of the traditional straight rows, we love the idea of setting up the chairs in a spiral pattern. This set-up allows each guest to feel close to the person walking down the aisle. It also allows the person walking down the aisle to have a moment with each guest, even if it’s just making eye contact and smiling. The walk down the aisle is such a special moment and this set-up helps it last just a little bit longer.

serpentine chairs

Photo From: Pinterest

  • Half Circle on each side of the altar. We absolutely adore everything about this ceremony site, but we are particularly fond of the chair set-up. Your friends and family have surrounded you with their love and support for your whole life, so it only makes sense to have them all around you on one of the most important days of your life!

circle ceremony

Photo From: Weddings in Iowa

  • Unique Chairs. If you want to have the traditional aisle, you can still change up the seating to make it unique. We love the strong presence of the wrought iron chairs, made more feminine with pillows in the wedding colors. The use of iron and the various colored pillows makes for beautiful photos and comfortable guests.

iron chair seatin

Photo From: Sincerity Bridal

2) New Traditions.

Over the last few wedding seasons, we have become more familiar with the wine box ceremony, the sand ceremony, and the hand-fasting ceremony. Couples are always seeking new ways to showcase their one-of-a-kind love with a unique unity ceremony. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Irish Stone Blessing. In Ireland, it is traditional for couples to marry by the water as it is considered a sacred place. Guests are given stones, asked to make a wish for the couple, and toss the stones into the water to bless the couple. As a little twist, have the guests write their names on one side of a stone and a blessing on the other and keep them with them during the ceremony.  The couple should also write their own wishes on stones and have the officiant say a unity prayer or blessing over them. Towards the end of the ceremony, have the officiant perform a special prayer or blessing for the wishes the guests have made and as the guests exit the ceremony, have them drop the stone into a decorated hurricane vase filled with water. This can be used in place of or in addition to a guest book at the reception.

Irish Stone Blessing

Photo From: Pinterest

  • Salt Covenant. In the old days, agreements were sealed with a salt covenant; each party in the agreement would have a bag of salt and place a pinch of their salt in the other party(ies) bag(s). The agreement was considered binding, unless one party could retrieve their own grains of salt from another party’s bag. This is a perfect unity ceremony, because just as you could not remove your own grains of salt, you will not be able to remove the love in your heart and the bonds of marriage. For this ceremony, the couple would each have their own bag of salt and combine it into a special container to be displayed (or even used) in their home.

Salt Covenant

Photo From: Etsy

  • Plant Ceremony. For this ceremony, a young plant is symbolic of your love and relationship. During the ceremony, the couple adds a cup of soil from their hometown and then waters the plant together. You could also add a cup of soil from your new home to it as well. The plant will be a lasting reminder of your wedding day and you can watch it grow as you both grow together.

Plant Ceremony

Photo From: Brett & Emily Photographers

3) Non-Floral Displays.

Perhaps floral arrangements aren’t in your budget, or one of you is allergic, or maybe you just want something different. We have several great ideas for ceremony decor that does not include flowers!

  • Picture Frames. You can paint picture frames of various sizes and shapes in one or multiple wedding colors and hang them as a backdrop for the altar, put pictures in them to hang on the chairs along the aisle, or place glitter frames on the ground on top of tulle and candles for a romantic effect.

Frame Decor

Photo From: Wedding Gawker

  • Books. Using books in place of florals is a great way to bring color to your ceremony! We love everything about this arch made of books.

Book Decor

Photo From: Done Brilliantly

                 And how about having the bridal party carry books instead of flowers and have boutonnieres and corsages made

out of pages from your favorite books?

bridesmaid books

Photo From: Emmaline Bride

  • Lantern Decor. Paper lanterns make beautiful decorations. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. From solid colors to doily patterns, you can find exactly what you need to match your ceremony. Not only are the stunning and reusable for the reception and at home, but they are inexpensive, too!


Photo From: Lover.ly

We have so many unique ideas for making your wedding ceremony special! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!


Why Do I Need an Event or Wedding Planner?

One of the most common things we hear is:

“At the beginning I told myself, I can handle this, I don’t need an event planner. It didn’t take me long to realize I was wrong.”

Even the most organized and creative person can use a helping hand. After all, it’s your big moment. It’s your graduation, your baby shower, your anniversary, or your wedding… how are you truly going to be able to sit back and enjoy every moment when you are the go-to person and the one who has to handle any last-minute hiccups?

Today, we wanted to share with you five reasons why you should consider hiring an event planner:

5) Resources, Resources, Resources– Event Planners have worked with hundreds or even thousands of vendors. They know who to go to for the best service and price. Without an event planner, you have to rely on a lot of research to find a vendor, and even then, you have to hope the reviews on their website are true. An Event Planner can save you a lot of time by knowing who to call and how to get you the best possible service for the best possible price.


Photo From: Park 55 Hotel

4) Knowledge and Information– It’s our job to know what the hottest trends are and how to get access to them. We know when things go on sale, when to book vendors for the best prices, and how to add little touches to make your event unique. Without a planner, you have to rely on a lot of research.

Did you know Ikat is one of the hottest trends this year?


Photo From: The Wedding Cottage

3) Time is money- Your time is valuable. It is hard enough to try to find time to fit in everything you need and want to do, let alone all of the detail-planning necessary to host a great event. An Event Planner is trained to make all of the details come together in far less time and it is something they  also love to do. Without a planner, you almost have to find extra hours in the day to get it all done, and who enjoys that?


Photo From: Glamour

2) The inevitable uh-oh– No matter how carefully planned and organized an event is, it is inevitable there will be one or two hiccups during the day. The DJ is running late, the basket for the programs is missing, your shoe breaks, the iron burned a hole in his shirt, etc. These speed-bumps happen to everyone. An Event Planner’s job is to be prepared for everything and they can make a quick and seamless fix that nobody will notice. Why add extra stress to your day trying to fix these things yourself when you could have someone make sure it all goes perfectly?


Photo From: Thrifty Fun

And the number one reason to hire an Event Planner:

1) Event Planners save you money- Huh? No, you read that correctly, Event Planners save you money. Yes, you pay an Event Planner for their services, but, they will save you a significant amount of money along the way. Event Planners often get direct savings from vendors that they pass along to you as their client. Sometimes the discounts are even as much as 15%-20%. As a quick example, we work with a Florist who gives us a 15% discount. We pass that along to you, and your floral bill just went from $2,000.00 to $1,700.000. We also work with a venue who gives us 20% off per person. So the original bill of $16,500 ($110.00/person x 150 people) is now down to $13,200. Even if you got our most expensive package which starts at $2,000.00, your savings are now over $3,600.00, which covers our services plus more savings for you.


Photo From: Fab Brunette 

It is well worth it to hire an Event or Wedding Planner for your big day to make sure you have a unique event while saving time, money, and stress.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can help make your dreams a reality!